Become a mentor

Mentoring is a key component of the Women's Leadership Initiative's Leadership & Mentoring program.

Every year, exceptional women from the Pacific region are matched with Australian women leaders in the public, private and community sectors. 

Mentors provide mentee participants with valuable insights, guidance and support based on the mentor's work-life experience and their own leadership journey.

These mentoring relationships are reciprocal in nature, based on a shared interest or occupational field, they lead to personal and professional learnings on both sides.

Who's eligible to become a mentor?

If you're an Australian woman leader with an interest in sharing your skills and knowledge; have an interest in forging new networks in the Pacific region; and keen to enhance your own mentoring, leadership and cross-cultural skills, we'd love to hear from you!

We need brilliant Australian women leaders across all sectors to match our Leadership & Mentoring participants working from public policy to the law, environmental innovation to banking.

What are the benefits of mentoring?

As a mentor you will not only gain from the satisfaction of sharing your knowledge and experience to help others achieve their personal and professional goals, but grow your own skillset. From improving interpersonal communication and counselling skills, to building knowledge of the Pacific, mentors gain insight into their own leadership priorities through articulating them with mentee / participants.

Having a mentor is like having a professional friend. She challenges me to find the answers to my own questions, and shows me what I am capable of.

WLI alumni

What's involved in being a Women's Leadership Initiative mentor?

No previous mentoring experience is required – just a track record of leadership in your industry or profession and a willingness to support an emerging Pacific woman leader.

One day-long orientation session allows you to meet your mentee, as well as other participants from a range of sectors and locations around Australia (with attendance costs covered). Mentors then commit to an 18-month period, with a minimum of one hour per month face-to-face or virtual contact with their mentee. Many mentoring pairs connect more frequently, so you should take this into account.

Mentors are provided with program materials and resources, as well as access to the Women's Leadership Initiative mentoring coach for support and advice throughout the mentoring journey.